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Program of Workshops

Educational Data Mining Workshop. Cecily Heiner, Ryan Baker & Kalina Yacef (08:30-17:30, June 26)

Teaching with Robots, Agents, and NLP. Evelyn Lulis & Peter Wiemer-Hastings (08:30-17:30, June 26)

Intelligent Tutoring Systems for Ill-Defined Domains. Vincent Aleven, Kevin Ashley, Collin Lynch & Niels Pinkwart (08:30-15:30, June 27)

Motivational and affective issues in ITS. Cristina Conati, Benedict du Boulay, Claude Frasson, Lewis Johnson, Rosemary Luckin, Erika A. Martinez-Miron, Helen Pain, Kaska Porayska-Pomsta & Genaro Rebolledo-Mendez (08:30-15:30, June 27)

"Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing Technologies" and "Bayesian Networks in Intelligent Tutoring." are canceled.
"Natural Language Processing in Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Linking language and learning." and "Teaching with Robots, Agents, and NLP" are merged.


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