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Program of Student Track

IStudent Track (Monday, June 26)

 Session 1 (08:30-9:30)

1. Janice Deters et al. Case-based Reasoning system applied to semiology and psychiatric pathology learning process
2. Marina Issakova, Intelligent Environment for learning linear equation solving algorithm and its steps

 Coffee break (09:30-10:00)


 Session 2: (10:00-12:30)

3. Dmitri Lepp, Error Diagnosis in Problem Solving Environment Using Action-Object-Input Scheme
4. Andy Aiken, Derek Sleeman, AKT-R4: A Diagnosis Tutor
5. Kristy Elizabeth Boyer, Virtual Programming Partner: A Learning Companion for Introductory Computing
6. Amali Weerasinghe, Enhancing Learning through Self-Explanation in Constraint-based Tutors
7. Amy Ogan, Rut Wylie, Erin Walker, Defining the ill-defined: Modeling student behaviour in making aspectual distinctions

 Lunch (12:30-13:30)


Session 3: Panel (13:30-15:30)

Jim Greer, Kinshuk, Helen Pain and Beverly Woolf


IPresentation Instruction

  1. General facilities in conference rooms:
    The conference rooms have a projector, microphones, PC speakers, a laser pointer and a PC laptop computer with Windows XP and Office 2003.

  2. Presentation format:
    Each presentation must follow these time restrictions:
    20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion.

  • The schedule assigned for each presenter has to be followed strictly; be sure to leave enough time to set up your presentation equipment.
  • Please set up your presentation on conference computers before the session.
  • You are strongly advised to bring some kind of USB memory for your presentation as a backup; if you are planning to use your own laptop computer, you should check the connection with the projector before the session.



Research Center for Science and Technology for Learning
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