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Program of Poster

The ITS 2006 poster session will be held on June 27, 2006, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. with the same time slot and at the same place with reception. Please start the poster session within the scheduled time.

IITS 2006 Poster Instructions

Authors must mount their posters on the poster boards on June 27 before poster session and take them off before the afternoon of June 28. If you wish to keep your poster, you must remove it before 17:00 on June 28. The size of poster board is H160 x W90 cm and is shown in Figure 1. The posters must be smaller than the poster board. To mount your posters onto the board, please use thumbtacks. Thumbtacks will be available on the poster area. A list of space number assignments will be available on the ITS 2006 website.


Figure 1. Poster board

Posters should be understandable - even in the absence of the author(s). Posters should be readable from a distance of at least 30 cm. Please use large and easy-to-read letters. Do not use letters less than 1 cm. Please include clear figures and tables. The poster should include the title of your paper, the presenter's name, and the institution.



Figure 2. Poster position


IList of Accepted posters

This year, a total of 44 posters were accepted which 24 were accepted as posters from paper-submission and 20 were from the poster-submission. The accepted posters represent 10 countries all over the world.

Paper ID: 1033(P01)

Title: Applying an Assessment Agent to Evaluate the Learning Effectiveness

Authors: K. Robert Lai, Chung Hsien Lan

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1037(P02)

Title: Developing Educational Games for Customized Learning

Authors: Hye Sun Kim, Seong Baeg Kim, Cheol Min Kim

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1040(P03)

Title: Exploring the Space Between Learning Design and Learning Objects with the Two-Agent Approach

Authors: Dejan Ljubojevic, John Cook, Tom Boyle

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1045(P04)

Title: A Modular Architecture for Intelligent Web Resource Based Tutoring Systems

Authors: Sergio Gutiérrez Santos, Abelardo Pardo, Carlos Delgado Kloos

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1046(P05)

Title: The Design of an Intelligent Software Architecture based on a Generic eLearning Environment

Authors: Ana M. Gonzalez

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1065(P06)

Title: The Remote Control Approach – An Architecture for Integration of Tutoring and Process Scaffolds into Collaborative Applications

Authors: Andreas Harrer, Nils Malzahn, Benedikt Roth

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1066(P07)

Title: Nonverbal communication for interface agents: The differential impact of emotional expression and gestures

Authors: Amy Baylor, Soyoung Kim, Chanhee Son, Miyoung Lee

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1070(P09)

Title: Scrutable Learner Modelling and Learner Reflection in Student Self-assessment

Authors: Judy Kay, Lichao Li

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1084(P10)

Title: Using Learning Objects Features to Promote Reusability of Pedagogical Agents

Authors: Eduardo Rodrigues Gomes, Ricardo Azambuja Silveira, Rosa Maria Vicari

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1085(P11)

Title: Error Diagnosis in Problem Solving Environment Using Action-Object-Input Scheme

Authors: Dmitri Lepp

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1108(P12)

Title: Learning about Learning ABC with Bayesian Networks and Artificial Neural Networks

Authors: Chao-Lin Liu

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1123(P13)

Title: Design of Emotional Storytelling Interface for Educational Purposes

Authors: Sylvia Tzvetanova, Ming-Xi Tang, Lorraine Justice

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1129(P14)

Title: AlgoLC: A Learning Companion System for Teaching and Learning Algorithms

Authors: Patricia Petry, Marta Rosatelli

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1142(P15)

Title: An Intelligent Tutoring System Based on a Multimodal Environment for the 300-Certification Program of English Conversation

Authors: Youngseok Lee, Jungwon Cho, Byung-Uk Choi

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1153(P16)

Title: Adaptive Peer Review based on Student profiles

Authors: Raquel M. Crespo, Abelardo Pardo, Carlos Delgado Kloos

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1158(P17)

Title: Correction Marks and Comments on Web Pages

Authors: Bo Hu

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1161(P18)

Title: VIBRANT: A Brainstorming Agent for Computer Supported Creative Problem Solving

Authors: Hao-Chuan Wang, Tsai-Yen Li, Chun-Chieh Huang, Chun-Yen Chang

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1162(P19)

Title: Iterative and participative building of the learning unit according to the IMS-consortium specifications

Authors: Jamal Eddine El khamlichi, Françoise GUEGOT, Jean-Pierre PECUCHET

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1180(P08)

Title: A Semiotic Investigation on Learners’ Affective Interactions with Non-Human Pedagogical Agents

Authors: Amy Baylor, Soyoung Kim

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1182(P20)

Title: Ontology Mapping for Sharing Learning Resources

Authors: Amel Bouzeghoub, Abdeltif Elbyed

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1185(P21)

Title: Using Agents to Create Learning Opportunities in a Collaborative Learning Environment

Authors: Yongwu Miao, Ulrich Hoppe, Niels Pinkwart, Oliver Schilbach, Sabine Zill, Tobias Schloesser

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1187(P22)

Title: Context-aware annotation patterns for teachers

Authors: azouaou faical, cyrille desmoulins

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1198(P23)

Title: On the definition and management of cultural groups of e-Learners

Authors: Ryad Razaki, Emmanuel Blanchard, Claude Frasson

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1215(P24)

Title: Applying Agents to Learning Content Management and Learning Object Repositories

Authors: Chris Brooks, Scott Bateman, Gord McCalla

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 3(P25)

Title: Using Simulated Students for the Assessment of Authentic Document Retrieval

Authors: Jonathan Brown, Maxine Eskenazi

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 6(P26)

Title: Desinging a tutoring agent for facilitating collaborative learning with instant messaging

Authors: Sheng-Cheng Hsu, Min-Yuh Day, Shih-Hung Wu, Wing-Kwong Wong, Wen-Lian Hsu

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 8(P27)

Title: Learning by demonstrating and tutoring a virtual character

Authors: Shan-Chun Chi

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 9(P28)

Title: e-Learning System to Provide Optimum Questions Based on Item Response Theory

Authors: Takahiro Murase, Yukuo Isomoto

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 15(P29)

Title: BEEweb: A Multi-Domain Platform for Reciprocal Peer-Driven Tutoring Systems

Authors: Ari Bader-Natal, Jordan Pollack

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 22(P30)

Title: A Multimedia Tool for English Learning Using Text Retrieval Techniques on DVD Subtitles

Authors: Jia-Hong Lee, Mei-Yi Wu

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 23(P31)

Title: A Mobile Learner Profiling System

Authors: Kyoung Mi Yang, Seong Baeg Kim, Cheol Min Kim

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 26(P32)

Title: Responding to Free-form Student Questions in ERM-Tutor

Authors: Nancy Milik, Melinda Marshall, Antonija Mitrovic

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 27(P33)

Title: Behaviors Analysis with a Game-like Learning System for Pre-school Children


Category: Poster


Paper ID: 28(P34)

Title: Studying Human Tutors to Facilitate Self-Explanation

Authors: Amali Weerasinghe, Antonija Mitrovic

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 29(P35)

Title: An Ontology-based Solution for Knowledge Management and eLearning Integration

Authors: Amal Zouaq, Claude Frasson, Roger Nkambou

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 34(P36)

Title: Computer-mediated Collaborative Visual Learning System to generate Evidence-based Nursing Care Plans

Authors: Woojin Paik, Eunmi Ham

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 38(P37)

Title: Prevention of Off-Task Gaming Behavior in Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Authors: Jason Walonoski, Neil Heffernan

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 39(P38)

Title: Learning Linear Equation Solving Algorithm and its Steps in Intelligent Learning Environment

Authors: Marina Issakova

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 40(P39)

Title: The design of a tutoring system with learner-initiating instruction strategy for digital logic problems

Authors: Sheng-Cheng Hsu

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 41(P40)

Title: Reflective Tutoring for Immersive Simulation

Authors: H. Chad Lane, Mark Core, Dave Gomboc, Steve Solomon, Michael van Lent, Milton Rosenberg

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 42(P41)

Title: Knowledge Engineering for Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Assessing Semi-Automatic Skill Encoding Methods

Authors: Kevin Kardian, Neil Heffernan

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 44(P42)

Title: Towards Teaching Metacognition: Supporting Spontaneous Self-Assessment

Authors: Ido Roll, Eunjeong Ryu, Jonathan Sewall, Brett Leber, Bruce M. McLaren, Vincent Aleven, Kenneth R. Koedinger

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 46(P43)

Title: Automated Vocabulary Instruction in a Reading Tutor

Authors: Cecily Heiner, Joseph Beck, Jack Mostow

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 48(P44)

Title: Visualizing Errors and its Evaluation

Authors: Hidenobu Kunichika, Tsukasa HIRASHIMA, Akira TAKEUCHI

Category: Poster


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