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"This year, a total of 44 posters were accepted which 24 were accepted as posters from paper-submission and 20 were from the poster-submission. The accepted posters represent 10 countries all over the world."



Paper ID: 1033

Title: Applying an Assessment Agent to Evaluate the Learning Effectiveness

Authors: K. Robert Lai, Chung Hsien Lan

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1037

Title: Developing Educational Games for Customized Learning

Authors: Hye Sun Kim, Seong Baeg Kim, Cheol Min Kim

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1040

Title: Exploring the Space Between Learning Design and Learning Objects with the Two-Agent Approach

Authors: Dejan Ljubojevic, John Cook, Tom Boyle

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1045

Title: A Modular Architecture for Intelligent Web Resource Based Tutoring Systems

Authors: Sergio Gutiérrez Santos, Abelardo Pardo, Carlos Delgado Kloos

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1046

Title: The Design of an Intelligent Software Architecture based on a Generic eLearning Environment

Authors: Ana M. Gonzalez

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1065

Title: The Remote Control Approach – An Architecture for Integration of Tutoring and Process Scaffolds into Collaborative Applications

Authors: Andreas Harrer, Nils Malzahn, Benedikt Roth

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1066

Title: Nonverbal communication for interface agents: The differential impact of emotional expression and gestures

Authors: Amy Baylor, Soyoung Kim, Chanhee Son, Miyoung Lee

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1070

Title: Scrutable Learner Modelling and Learner Reflection in Student Self-assessment

Authors: Judy Kay, Lichao Li

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1084

Title: Using Learning Objects Features to Promote Reusability of Pedagogical Agents

Authors: Eduardo Rodrigues Gomes, Ricardo Azambuja Silveira, Rosa Maria Vicari

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1085

Title: Error Diagnosis in Problem Solving Environment Using Action-Object-Input Scheme

Authors: Dmitri Lepp

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1108

Title: Learning about Learning ABC with Bayesian Networks and Artificial Neural Networks

Authors: Chao-Lin Liu

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1123

Title: Design of Emotional Storytelling Interface for Educational Purposes

Authors: Sylvia Tzvetanova, Ming-Xi Tang, Lorraine Justice

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1129

Title: AlgoLC: A Learning Companion System for Teaching and Learning Algorithms

Authors: Patricia Petry, Marta Rosatelli

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1142

Title: An Intelligent Tutoring System Based on a Multimodal Environment for the 300-Certification Program of English Conversation

Authors: Youngseok Lee, Jungwon Cho, Byung-Uk Choi

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1153

Title: Adaptive Peer Review based on Student profiles

Authors: Raquel M. Crespo, Abelardo Pardo, Carlos Delgado Kloos

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1158

Title: Correction Marks and Comments on Web Pages

Authors: Bo Hu

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1161

Title: VIBRANT: A Brainstorming Agent for Computer Supported Creative Problem Solving

Authors: Hao-Chuan Wang, Tsai-Yen Li, Chun-Chieh Huang, Chun-Yen Chang

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1162

Title: Iterative and participative building of the learning unit according to the IMS-consortium specifications

Authors: Jamal Eddine El khamlichi, Françoise GUEGOT, Jean-Pierre PECUCHET

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1180

Title: A Semiotic Investigation on Learners’ Affective Interactions with Non-Human Pedagogical Agents

Authors: Amy Baylor, Soyoung Kim

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1182

Title: Ontology Mapping for Sharing Learning Resources

Authors: Amel Bouzeghoub, Abdeltif Elbyed

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1185

Title: Using Agents to Create Learning Opportunities in a Collaborative Learning Environment

Authors: Yongwu Miao, Ulrich Hoppe, Niels Pinkwart, Oliver Schilbach, Sabine Zill, Tobias Schloesser

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1187

Title: Context-aware annotation patterns for teachers

Authors: azouaou faical, cyrille desmoulins

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1198

Title: On the definition and management of cultural groups of e-Learners

Authors: Ryad Razaki, Emmanuel Blanchard, Claude Frasson

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 1215

Title: Applying Agents to Learning Content Management and Learning Object Repositories

Authors: Chris Brooks, Scott Bateman, Gord McCalla

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 3

Title: Using Simulated Students for the Assessment of Authentic Document Retrieval

Authors: Jonathan Brown, Maxine Eskenazi

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 6

Title: Desinging a tutoring agent for facilitating collaborative learning with instant messaging

Authors: Sheng-Cheng Hsu, Min-Yuh Day, Shih-Hung Wu, Wing-Kwong Wong, Wen-Lian Hsu

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 8

Title: Learning by demonstrating and tutoring a virtual character

Authors: Shan-Chun Chi

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 9

Title: e-Learning System to Provide Optimum Questions Based on Item Response Theory

Authors: Takahiro Murase, Yukuo Isomoto

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 15

Title: BEEweb: A Multi-Domain Platform for Reciprocal Peer-Driven Tutoring Systems

Authors: Ari Bader-Natal, Jordan Pollack

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 22

Title: A Multimedia Tool for English Learning Using Text Retrieval Techniques on DVD Subtitles

Authors: Jia-Hong Lee, Mei-Yi Wu

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 23

Title: A Mobile Learner Profiling System

Authors: Kyoung Mi Yang, Seong Baeg Kim, Cheol Min Kim

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 26

Title: Responding to Free-form Student Questions in ERM-Tutor

Authors: Nancy Milik, Melinda Marshall, Antonija Mitrovic

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 27

Title: Behaviors Analysis with a Game-like Learning System for Pre-school Children


Category: Poster


Paper ID: 28

Title: Studying Human Tutors to Facilitate Self-Explanation

Authors: Amali Weerasinghe, Antonija Mitrovic

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 29

Title: An Ontology-based Solution for Knowledge Management and eLearning Integration

Authors: Amal Zouaq, Claude Frasson, Roger Nkambou

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 34

Title: Computer-mediated Collaborative Visual Learning System to generate Evidence-based Nursing Care Plans

Authors: Woojin Paik, Eunmi Ham

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 38

Title: Prevention of Off-Task Gaming Behavior in Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Authors: Jason Walonoski, Neil Heffernan

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 39

Title: Learning Linear Equation Solving Algorithm and its Steps in Intelligent Learning Environment

Authors: Marina Issakova

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 40

Title: The design of a tutoring system with learner-initiating instruction strategy for digital logic problems

Authors: Sheng-Cheng Hsu

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 41

Title: Reflective Tutoring for Immersive Simulation

Authors: H. Chad Lane, Mark Core, Dave Gomboc, Steve Solomon, Michael van Lent, Milton Rosenberg

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 42

Title: Knowledge Engineering for Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Assessing Semi-Automatic Skill Encoding Methods

Authors: Kevin Kardian, Neil Heffernan

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 44

Title: Towards Teaching Metacognition: Supporting Spontaneous Self-Assessment

Authors: Ido Roll, Eunjeong Ryu, Jonathan Sewall, Brett Leber, Bruce M. McLaren, Vincent Aleven, Kenneth R. Koedinger

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 46

Title: Automated Vocabulary Instruction in a Reading Tutor

Authors: Cecily Heiner, Joseph Beck, Jack Mostow

Category: Poster


Paper ID: 48

Title: Visualizing Errors and its Evaluation

Authors: Hidenobu Kunichika, Tsukasa HIRASHIMA, Akira TAKEUCHI

Category: Poster