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"This year, a total of 196 submissions were received from 25 countries. 68 submissions were accepted as papers (with acceptance rate of 35%). The accepted papers represent countries all over the world."

Full Papers


Paper ID: 17

Title: Raising Confidence Levels using Motivational Contingency Design Techniques

Authors: Declan Kelly, Stephan Weibelzahl

Category:Full paper



Paper ID: 25

Title: 20,000 Inspections of a Domain-Independent Open Learner Model with Individual and Comparison Views

Authors: Susan Bull, Andrew Mabbott

Category:Full paper


Paper ID: 29

Title: Using Multiple Intelligence Informed Resources in an Adaptive System

Authors: Declan Kelly, Brendan Tangney

Category:Full paper


Paper ID: 30

Title: A Bayesian Network Approach for Modeling the Influence of Contextual Variables on Scientific Problem Solving

Authors: Ron Stevens, Vandana Thadani

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 32

Title: A Constraint-based Collaborative Environment for Learning UML Class Diagrams

Authors: Nilufar Baghaei, Tanja Mitrovic

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 47

Title: Automatic calculation of students’ conceptions in elementary algebra from Aplusix log files

Authors: Jean-François Nicaud, Hamid Chaachoua, Marilena Bittar

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 48

Title: The Potential for Chatbots in Negotiated Learner Modelling: A Wizard-of-Oz Study

Authors: Alice Kerly, Susan Bull

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 49

Title: Automated Expert Modeling for Automated Student Evaluation

Authors: Robert Abbott

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 50

Title: Authoring Constraint-based Tutors in ASPIRE

Authors: Antonija Mitrovic, Pramuditha Suraweera, Brent Martin, Konstantin Zakharov, Nancy Milik, Jay Holland

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 51

Title: Improving Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Using Expectation Maximization To Learn Student Skill Levels

Authors: Kimberly Ferguson, Ivon Arroyo, Sridhar Mahadevan, Beverly Woolf, Andy Barto

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 56

Title: A Collaborative Learning Design Environment to Integrate Practice and Learning based on Collaborative Space Ontology and Patterns

Authors: Masataka Takeuchi, Yusuke Hayashi, Mitsuru Ikeda, Riichiro Mizoguchi

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 68

Title: Adaptable Scaffolding – A Fuzzy Approach

Authors: Selvarajah Mohanarajah, Ray Kemp, Elizabeth Kemp

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 71

Title: Supporting Tutorial Feedback to Student Help Requests and Errors in Symbolic Differentiation

Authors: Claus Zinn

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 74

Title: P.A.C.T. – Scaffolding Best Practice in Home Tutoring

Authors: Orla Lahart, Declan Kelly, Brendan Tangney

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 79

Title: Automatic Recognition of Learner Groups in Exploratory Learning Environments

Authors: Saleema Amershi, Cristina Conati

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 93

Title: How « Consciousness » Allows a Cognitive Tutoring Agent Make Good Diagnosis During Astronauts’ Training

Authors: Daniel Dubois, Roger Nkambou, Patrick Hohmeyer

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 95

Title: An Approach to Intelligent Training on a Robotic Simulator using an Innovative Path-Planner

Authors: Nkambou Roger, Khaled Belghith, Froduald Kabanza

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 100

Title: Estimating Student Proficiency Using an Item Response Theory Model

Authors:Jeff Johns, Sridhar Mahadevan, Beverly Woolf

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 104

Title: From Black-box Learning Objects to Glass-Box Learning Objects

Authors: Philippe Fournier-Viger, Mehdi Najjar, André Mayers, Roger Nkambou

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 107

Title: Student Preferences for Editing, Persuading, and Negotiating the Open Learner Model

Authors: Andrew Mabbott, Susan Bull

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 109

Title: Student Modeling with Atomic Bayesian Networks

Authors: Fang Wei, Glenn Blank

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 110

Title: Robust Simulator: A Method of Simulating Learners' Erroneous Equations for Making Error-based Simulation

Authors: Tomoya Horiguchi, Tsukasa Hirashima

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 115

Title: Multicriteria Automatic Essay Assessor Generation by using TOPSIS model and Genetic Algorithm

Authors: Shu-ling Cheng, Hae-Ching Chang

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 116

Title: Evaluation of a System that Generates Word Problems through Interactions with a User

Authors: Kazuaki Kojima, Kazuhisa Miwa

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 118

Title: A Ubiquitous Agent for Unrestricted Vocabulary Learning in Noisy Digital Environments

Authors: David Wible, Chin-Hwa Kuo, Meng-Chang Chen, Nai-Lung Tsao, Tsung-Fu Hung

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 127

Title: The Big Five and Visualisations of Team Work Activity

Authors: Judy Kay, Nicolas Maisonneuve, Kalina Yacef, Peter Reimann

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 130

Title: Adaptation in an Educational Hypermedia System based on the Classification of the User Profile

Authors: Silva Gisele, Marta Rosatelli

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 135

Title: Time in the Adaptive Tutoring Process Model

Authors: Alke Martens

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 146

Title: Using Instant Messaging to Provide an Intelligent Learning Environment

Authors: Chun-Hung Lu, Guey-Fa Chiou, Min-Yuh Day, Chorng-Shyong Ong, Wen-Lian Hsu

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 147

Title: A Decision-Theoretic Approach to Scientific Inquiry Exploratory Learning Environment

Authors: Choo-Yee Ting, M. Reza Beik Zadeh, Yen-Kuan Chong

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 148

Title: Conceptual Change Modeling using Dynamic Bayesian Network

Authors: Choo-Yee Ting, Yen-Kuan Chong

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 149

Title: Cognitive Tutors as Research Platforms: Extending an Established Tutoring System for Collaborative and Metacognitive Experimentation

Authors: Erin Walker, Kenneth Koedinger, Bruce McLaren, Nikol Rummel

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 150

Title: Forming Heterogeneous Groups for Intelligent Collaborative Learning Systems with Ant Colony Optimization

Authors: Sabine Graf, Rahel Bekele

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 152

Title: Learning Styles Diagnosis based on User Interface Behaviors for the Customization of Learning Interfaces in an Intelligent Tutoring System

Authors: Hyun Jin Cha, Yong Se Kim, Seon Hee Park, Tae Bok Yoon, Young Mo Jung, Jee Hyong Lee

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 154

Title: Combining ITS and eLearning Technologies: Opportunities and Challenges

Authors: Christopher Brooks, Jim Greer, Erica Melis, Carsten Ullrich

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 159

Title: ArikIturri: an automatic question generator based on corpora and NLP techniques

Authors: Itziar Aldabe, Maddalen Lopez de Lacalle, Montse Maritxalar, Edurne Martinez, Larraitz Uria

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 160

Title: A Plan Recognition Process, Based on a Task Model, for Detecting Learner's Erroneous Actions

Authors: Naïma El-Kechaï, Christophe Després

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 164

Title: Detection and Analysis of Off-Task Gaming Behavior in Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Authors: Jason Walonoski, Neil Heffernan

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 166

Title: From learner information packages to student models: Which continuum?

Authors: OUBAHSSI Lahcen, GRANDBASTIEN Monique

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 167

Title: Motivating the learner: an empirical evaluation

Authors: Genaro Rebolledo-Mendez, Benedict DU BOULAY, Rosemary LUCKIN

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 171

Title: Comparison of machine learning methods for intelligent tutoring systems

Authors: Wilhelmiina Hämäläinen, Mikko Vinni

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 173

Title: Towards a Pattern Language for Intelligent Teaching and Training Systems

Authors: Andreas Harrer, Alke Martens

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 174

Title: Toward Legal Argument Instruction with Graph Grammars and Collaborative Filtering Techniques

Authors: Niels Pinkwart, Vincent Aleven, Kevin Ashley, Collin Lynch

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 175

Title: Adapting to When Students Game an Intelligent Tutoring System

Authors: Ryan Baker, Albert Corbett, Kenneth Koedinger, Shelley Evenson, Ido Roll, Angela Wagner, Meghan Naim, Jay Raspat, Daniel Baker, Joseph Beck

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 176

Title: Semantic Web Technologies Applied to Interoperability on an Educational Portal

Authors: Elder Rizzon Santos, Elisa Boff, Rosa Maria Vicari

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 177

Title: SPRITS: Secure Pedagogical Resources in Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Authors: Esma Aimeur, Flavien Serge Mani Onana, Anita Saleman

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 178

Title: Aproximate modelling of the multi-dimensional learner

Authors: Rafael Morales, Nicolas van Labeke, Paul Brna

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 179

Title: The Impact of Pedagogical Agent Appearance on Attitude Change in the Domain of Engineering

Authors: Amy L. Baylor, Rinat Rosenberg-Kima, E. Ashby Plant

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 184

Title: Studying the Effects of Personalized Language and Worked Examples in the Context of a Web-Based Intelligent Tutor

Authors: Bruce McLaren, Sung-Joo Lim, France Gagnon, David Yaron, Ken Koedinger

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 193

Title: Handling Errors in Mathematical Formulas

Authors: Helmut Horacek, Magdalena Wolska

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 194

Title: Better student assessing by finding difficulty factors in a fully automated comprehension measure

Authors: Brooke Hensler, Joseph Beck

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 195

Title: A Teaching Strategies Engine using Translation from SWRL to Jess

Authors: Eric Wang, Yong Se Kim

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 196

Title: Scaffolding Problem Solving with Annotated, Worked-Out Examples to Promote Deep Learning

Authors: Michael Ringenberg, Kurt VanLehn

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 200

Title: A Bayesian Networks Toolkit for Student

Authors: Kai-min Chang, Joseph Beck, Jack Mostow, Albert Corbett

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 202

Title: Coaching Within a Domain Independent Inquiry Learning Environment

Authors: Toby Dragon, Beverly Woolf, David Marshall, Tom Murray

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 203

Title: Generalizing Detection of Gaming the System Across a Tutoring Curriculum

Authors: Ryan Baker, Albert Corbett, Kenneth Koedinger, Ido Roll

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 204

Title: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Tutorial Dialogue Instruction in an Exploratory Learning Context

Authors: Rohit Kumar, Carolyn Rose, Vincent Aleven, Ana Iglesias, Allen Robinson

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 206

Title: The Help Tutor: Does Metacognitive Feedback Improves Students' Help-Seeking Actions, Skills and Learning?

Authors: Ido Roll, Vincent Aleven, Bruce M. McLaren, Eunjeong Ryu, Ryan Baker, Kenneth R. Koedinger

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 207

Title: Learning Factor Analysis – A General Method of Cognitive Model Evaluation and Improvement

Authors: Hao Cen, Kenneth Koedinger, Brian Junker

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 208

Title: Pyramid Collaborative Filtering Method Towards an efficient E-course

Authors: Sofiane A. Kiared, Mohammed A. Razek, Claude Frasson

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 209

Title: Scaffolding vs. Hints in the Assistment System

Authors: Leena Razzaq, Neil Heffernan

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 210

Title: Diagnosing Self-Efficacy for Intelligent Tutoring Systems: An Empirical Study

Authors: Scott McQuiggan, James Lester

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 211

Title: Predicting State Test Scores Better with Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Developing Metrics to Measure Assistance Required

Authors: Mingyu Feng, Neil Heffernan, Kenneth Koedinger

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 212

Title: The Cognitive Tutor Authoring Tools (CTAT): versatile and increasingly rapid creation of tutors

Authors: Vincent Aleven, Bruce McLaren, Jonathan Sewall, Kenneth Koedinger

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 216

Title: The Role of Feedback in Preparation for Future Learning: A Case Study in Learning by Teaching Environments

Authors: Jason Tan, Gautam Biswas

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 218

Title: Narrative-Centered Tutorial Planning for Inquiry-Based Learning Environments

Authors: Bradford Mott, James Lester

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 221

Title: Observing lemmatization effect in LSA coherence and comprehension grading of learner summaries

Authors: Iraide Zipitria, Ana Arruarte, Jon Ander Elorriaga

Category: Full paper


Paper ID: 225

Title: A Comparison of Decision-Theoretic, Fixed-Policy and Random Tutorial Action Selection

Authors: Charles Murray, Kurt VanLehn

Category: Full paper