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Best Paper Award Nominees
Paper ID Title Authors
17 Raising Confidence Levels using Motivational Contingency Design Techniques Declan Kelly, Stephan Weibelzahl
174 Toward Legal Argument Instruction with Graph Grammars and Collaborative Filtering Techniques Niels Pinkwart, Vincent Aleven, Kevin Ashley, Collin Lynch
175 Adapting to When Students Game an Intelligent Tutoring System Ryan Baker, Albert Corbett, Kenneth Koedinger, Shelley Evenson, Ido Roll, Angela Wagner, Meghan Naim, Jay Raspat, Daniel Baker, Joseph Beck
177 SPRITS: Secure Pedagogical Resources in Intelligent Tutoring Systems Esma Aimeur, Flavien Serge Mani Onana, Anita Saleman
184 Studying the Effects of Personalized Language and Worked Examples in the Context of a Web-Based Intelligent Tutor Bruce McLaren, Sung-Joo Lim, France Gagnon, David Yaron, Ken Koedinger
194 Better student assessing by finding difficulty factors in a fully automated comprehension measure Brooke Hensler, Joseph Beck
203 Generalizing Detection of Gaming the System Across a Tutoring Curriculum Ryan Baker, Albert Corbett, Kenneth Koedinger, Ido Roll
225 A Comparison of Decision-Theoretic, Fixed-Policy and Random Tutorial Action Selection R. Charles Murray, Kurt VanLehn
Best Paper by Student First Author Award Nominees
Paper ID Title Authors
107 Student Preferences for Editing, Persuading, and Negotiating the Open Learner Model Andrew Mabbott, Susan Bull
150 Forming Heterogeneous Groups for Intelligent Collaborative Learning Systems with Ant Colony Optimization Sabine Graf, Rahel Bekele
196 Scaffolding Problem Solving with Annotated, Worked-Out Examples to Promote Deep Learning Michael Ringenberg, Kurt VanLehn
204 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Tutorial Dialogue Instruction in an Exploratory Learning Context Rohit Kumar, Carolyn Rose, Vincent Aleven, Ana Iglesias, Allen Robinson
206 The Help Tutor: Does Metacognitive Feedback Improve Students' Help-Seeking Actions, Skills and Learning? Ido Roll, Vincent Aleven, Bruce M. McLaren, Eunjeong Ryu, Ryan S.J.d. Baker, Kenneth R. Koedinger
210 Diagnosing Self-Efficacy for Intelligent Tutoring Systems: An Empirical Study Scott McQuiggan, James Lester
218 Narrative-Centered Tutorial Planning for Inquiry-Based Learning Environments Bradford Mott, James Lester